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ITGoGo Programme

Why apply to ITGOGO programme?

We’re a family of professional people who get together to Boost your career path, make it easier and smoother. Open many opportunity doors for you. We have genuinely cares about our team members and its simply greater place to work.

Great Pay

Great pay + Bonuses + Pay depends on performance.


We offer rapid career advancement based upon preformance


Free training programs. You'll always be advancing.

Long Time Off

We are willing to give long time off from work for serious matter.

Flex Time

Flexible work arrangements to fit your buy lifestyle.


Outstanding insurance in work plays.


We will share investment strategies.


Company events, gatherings you'll actually want to participate in!


High qualification training + future work experience.

What Victrosys Do for You?

We give free training.

We help IT specialists to reach high performance level.                 

We connect gap between Low experience and high responsibility jobs.                   

We help IT specialists to skip exhausting journey to high pay and Top jobs.                    

We help IT specialists to integrate in EU IT industry.        

We open the door for many opportunities.

This is unique offer for You if You want to learn and improve Your IT Career.

About Victrosys

Victrosys was created to provide global professional IT services, trainings and placements. We have developed a portfolio of clients from IT industries in EU and US. Our mission is simple: 1 To help IT specialist integrate in High pay jobs. 2 Provide high quality IT specialists to businesses, who could bring value to business from the first day.


Performance: We deliver beyond expectation.


People: We are committed to our people.


Integrity: We allays deliver what we promise and expect the same from our staff.

Our Business Model

We have unique offer for ambitious people who want to learn and improve their skills and launch their IT Career.

To understand our unique proposition value, first we want to explain few important factors you should know. The basic Wage Rate is determined by Demand and Supply. When IT specialist Demand is growing and IT specialist number (supply) stays the same, the demand will raise the hourly/day pay.  When demand stays the same and IT specialist number is growing, the competition will lower the hourly/day pay.

How much you earn is depended on:

1. Demand and supply - Competition; Globalization (If EU open borders for Indian IT specialist the wage would fall half because of competition); Depression (Crisis 2007-2008)  

2. Country which you are working in. (1st, 2nd, 3rd world country)

3. How much IT industry values your skills. If you skilled allow you to do what everyone can you will earn minimum wage in IT industry if you skilled to do what just few can you can be top earner in IT industry.  If you chose popular (windows) you will earn less than unpopular (Oracle). If you choose old technology you will earn much less than new- cutting edge technology which demands is growing exponentially.

4. The forth main factor is Work experience. How many years and how much employees you had. If CEO has two candidates with equal skills but 1st with 8 years experience in one company other 8 years experience in 8 different companies? The logical answer would be with 8 different companies, because experience with different companies, different work group gives advantage.

How to earn more in IT industry?

1st. Work in the 1st. world countries.

2nd. Lower competition by learning new skills - cutting edge technologies.

3rd. Learn multiple technologies that you would be able to "shoot few targets".

4th. Add more employees, recommendations to your work experience.


We belief that the biggest value that we give to our ITGoGo consultants is the training we provide for free with 2 years contract with Us.

Our Trainers are experts of the field. They are not just training, but also working on our clients sites. They teach not just technical but also what is happening on sites, meetings...

Learning Pathways

We can prepare:

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Engineers

Cloud Systems Engineers

Data Security Engineers

Manual and Automatic Testers

And many other High and lower qualification specialist.  

To become qualify for IT specialists like Big Data Analytics you have to work hard, consistent and take a lot of steps with Our Guidance. We have career system, when with every Big step you can prow yourself - qualify for the job and start earning more.

It is very simple! You Learn - You Earn. You Learn More - You Earn More.

After the training is finished our consultants have to take tests to make sure they are ready to be placed inside and outside of our network for the next two years.

If the candidates do not pass the tests, the training time will be extended. After passing tests We will give you Training Certificate and Recommendations which will give a solid foundation to plays You in side and outside of our network in Your first IT job.

Results That Matters

So far we have 100% successful track records, because We always deliver more than Expected and expect the same from our Candidates. The only time we successful when you are successful. And we want to give this opportunity to ambitious people who want to upgrade their skills and jump to IT industry. We will work hard to get maximum of your efforts. Not because we know everything but because we care about Your IT career and Your Life.

If the candidate passes CompTIA A+ exam (220-901 and 220-902 exams). He will be qualified to become ITGoGo consultant. We will give you 2years contract, min £10/h salary. We will give opportunity, all needed trainings and tools to become IT professional like Cloud Engineer. Based on our experience it is possible in 1-2 years. If you'll become qualified to work as a Cloud Engineer we will give you £35K per year salary.

This salary is proximal for example purpose. IT can change depending on your market value.

It is very simple. You Learn - You Earn. You Learn More - You Earn More.

Support after training

After your training ends. You will get 12/7 help line, if you have some problems in work place. We will help you to overcome problems. All our consultants are supporting each other.

Ex-Consultant Program.

With our Ex- Consultants We stay connected. And They always welcome to take jobs which We are offering for negotiable pay rate.

Again, What We Do for You ?

We give free training for ITGoGo.

We help ambitious people to reach high level IT jobs.                 

We connect gap between Low experience and high responsibility jobs.                   

We help ambitious people to skip exhausting journey to high pay IT jobs.                    

We help IT specialists to integrate in EU IT industry.   

We help Non IT background people to integrate in IT industry. 

We open the door for many opportunities.

This is unique offer for You, if You want to launch and improve Your IT Career.

Apply now! We will develop your possible career ant training paths.

Limited spots available. Just 10 per year.

Selection process / How to apply

It's fun and easy to work with people, who are disciplines and know that first they have to become good, after that prove them self by hard work. And finely have what they want in their career and in their life.

Essential Criteria:

✓ Achieved a bachelor degree or above in any discipline.

✓ Fluent/good in English.

✓ 100% Committed to build a successful career in IT industry.

✓ Ambitious and eager to launch a high profile career in EU or worldwide.

✓ Disciplined and proven ability to work under high pressure environments.

✓ Flexible, adaptable and must be willing to relocate to work location.

Selection process:

1. Complete application form by answering all questions. 

Make sure you attached your CV and photo copy of Education Certificate.

2. We will review your CV and develop your possible career ant training paths.

3. We will contact you and have interview by phone call or video call.

4. We will arrange assessment day which candidates must attend.

5. We will have final interview with people who passed the assessment day tests.

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