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It's fun and easy to work with people who are disciplines and know that first they have to become good, than prove them self by hard work, and finely have what they want in their career and their life.

Essential Criteria:

✓ Achieved a bachelor degree or above in an IT, Engineering, Mathematics  or related discipline.

✓ Achieved a bachelor degree or above in any discipline (Just for ITGOGO)

✓ Fluent/good in English.

✓ 100% Committed to build a successful career in IT industry.

✓ Ambitious and eager to launch a high profile career in EU or worldwide.

✓ Disciplined and proven ability to work under high pressure environments.

✓ Flexible, adaptable and must be willing to relocate to work location.

Selection process:

1. Complete application form by answering all questions. 

Make sure you attached your CV and photo copy of Education Certificate.

2. We will review your CV and develop your possible career ant training paths.

3. We will contact you and have interview by phone call or video call.

4. We will arrange assessment day which candidates must attend.

5. We will have final interview with people who passed the assessment day tests.

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