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About Victrosys

UAB Victrosys was created to  provide global professional IT services, trainings and placements. We have developed a portfolio of clients from IT industries in EU and US. Our mission is simple:

1 To help IT specialist integrate in High pay jobs.

2 Provide high quality IT specialists to businesses, who could bring value from the first day.

We are Growth company. We are looking for people who want to learn new technology and improve their career. We provide premium quality free training and job placement.


Performance: We deliver beyond expectation.


People: We are committed to our people.


Integrity: We allays deliver what we promise and expect the same from our staff.

Victrosys' vision - To become the best support company for our clients and workers.


IT Services For People

UAB Victrosys have unique offer for students, graduates, IT specialists, and non IT background ambitious people who want to learn and improve their skills. 

We give free training.

We help students, graduates,specialists, non IT background ambitious

people to reach high performance level.                 

We connect gap between no experience and high responsibility jobs.                   

We help students, graduates to skip exhausting  journey to high pay.                    

We help students, graduates to integrate in EU IT industry.     

We help Non IT background people to integrate in IT industry.

We help IT professionals to reach next level, or change career direction.    

We open the door for many opportunities.

Vytautas Balkauskas
Founder and Director

Economist/Business analyst 

Marketing Expert

IT consultant


"I am very proud to be the director of the company, which actually helps employees to develop further career path and achieve what they deserve. On top of it, provide business high quality staff. "

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