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We are passionate about creating conditions for people to boost their careers and giving huge growth possibilities.

From day one our employees are part of the Victrosys family and we are committed to creating a fast growth working environment. Environment, where everyone are expending their potential and being supported to achieve their carrier goals. 

In our dynamic company culture we value self disciplined, ambitious and energetic people.

Our vision - To become the best support company for our workers.

Our values:

  • Discipline - There are to pains discipline and regrets, we discipline ourselves  to finish what we committed to and don't have pain of regrets.

  • Ambition – We set ourselves determined, challenging goals and achieve them.

  • Collaboration – We work best when we work together.

  • Energy – It's not the hours important but the energy we put in to the task. We set ourselves to be able to put maximum energy in minimum time to getting things done.

  • Professionalism – We work to high standards.

  • Growth – We belief that we are growing or we are leaving ourselves behind. We like to be challenged to learn, innovate and improve, because it's the only way we can grow and get more from ourselves' in life and market place.

  • Qualification - we get from life not what we want or need. We get from life what we deserve. 

Our Culture

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